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Herron & Associates Tax Services, LLC offers a complete tax preparation service. We are experienced with the preparation of all individual tax forms to ensure that you get the income tax credits and deductions you are entitled. If your prepared tax return results in an overpayment on your tax account with the IRS, we do provide several means to receive your refund from the IRS, such as: direct deposit and mailed to your home address.


We at Herron & Associates Tax Services, LLC are also knowledgeable in resolving debts you have with the IRS and your State of residence. We will use over 30 years of experience in the resolution of your tax problems and or your tax concern.

Herron & Associates Tax Services, LLC can offer small business counseling. After being involved with the IRS’ Business Unit, we will use that working knowledge to advise you of the type of business that best fit your particular need.

Herron & Associates Tax Services, LLC realize, and acknowledge, that sometimes mistakes are made in reporting information to the IRS. Mistakes sometimes result in correspondence from the IRS.  Herron & Associates Tax Services, LLC offers consultation to resolve those mistakes and to correct your tax account.

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